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[ORBIT 3.0] Orbit 3.0 Fancafe Welcome Messages (210221)

Heejin 3-year old Orbits, hello~ Let's have fun together this time too, it's an I love you from me❣️

Hyunjin Orbits hello ~ A heartfelt welcome to Orbit 3.0~!!! Let's make lots of memories and be happy together from now on❤️❤️❤️Orbits I love you~❤️


Orbits! Hello hehe it's been so long hasn't it ~

I can't believe we're at 3.0 already!! I hope 2021 is full of happy things only for all my Orbits!!

I'll never forget that LOONA only exists thanks to Orbits 💚 I miss you so much and love you lots 💚

Yeojin Orbits🧡 Thank you so much for becoming our new family! Let's make lots and lots of good memories from now on, I love you my Orbits🧡

Vivi Orbit! I'm so happy we can be together this year too I want to share lots of things with Orbits and I'm already looking forward to being together hehe Let's have a joyful and love-filled time together🥰️❤️

Kim Lip ❤️Welcome Orbit❤️ Orbits who've become 3.0s! Thank you for promising Orbits' precious time to be with Loona :) Let us be together for the happy days that are to come🌈

Jinsoul I'm so happy to think that this is already the third Orbit💙 This coming year, I wish we will fill it up full with precious and shining memories, no disappointments And I'm going to work hard too! Thank you so much for becoming our Orbits heheh For the day when we'll meet, I'll be waiting💙

Choerry Orbits!! Welcome💜😭 Thank you so much for being with us every time ㅠㅠ🥰 In 2020 we didn't have many chances to see Orbits so I was upset and had a hard time! In 2021 I want to see Orbits more and more, I will also work to show Orbits diverse sides of myself💜 Thank you for always cheering from beside us, and thinking of us come snow or rain! These days I'm finding strength from reading letters that Orbits send me😊 Always love you and thank you💜💜💜

Yves Hi Orbit 3.0s, I'm excited to be walking a new orbit with you all🥰 So that flowers may bloom full in every path you walk, I'll gift splendid days to you❤️ Thank you for choosing us. Let us only be happy together from now onnn I love you Orbit 3.0🍎🍎🍎

Chuu Orbit💞 Thank you for becoming Orbits Have my cheeks🙈 Your gift is me I'll always work hard to make you happy💓 Let's make lots of good memories, together I love you 🥰 Dress warmly and let's love each other hard

Go Won Orbits nice to meet you~! Let's create happy days together with Loona♥️ And be sure to not get sick, be healthy!!

Olivia Hye Orbits nice to meet you, I'm fluttering again at the thought of starting together Together I want to achieve many things and rejoice and share the same emotions I don't know what the year will hold but I hope we'll only have happy times, thank you Orbit



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