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[ORBIT 3.0] Orbit 3.0 Fankit Message Cards (210530)


To Orbit whom I love ♥ this is Heejin~!

Welcome to being an Orbit 3.0!

I'm already excited, wondering what memories we'll make with Orbits this year!! Heheh

The official color (?) for Orbit is an orange light! Isn't it?!

I want to fill up our days such that they are - like the color orange - sweet and refreshing, and sometimes warm like the light of sunset ♥

To the point where they can fill up a calendar, not missing a single day!!

To Orbits whom I'm always thankful for, due to the love you give us, I grow healthily every day hehe

I love Orbits more! than how much love you give me~ ♥ I love you Orbit!! ♥


Orbit!! Hello~? It’s Hyunjin ♥ Our Orbit!!

Welcome to becoming Orbit 3.0~~!

We made lots of fun and happy memories during Orbit 2.0 too,

And I hope for the best for 3.0 too~♥

Let’s have more, more!! Happy times together~~♥!!

You know I care for you and love you lots, right?

I’ll keep trying hard to show you my best♥

Always stay healthy, don’t get hurt, and I hope only good things will happen to you..♥

I love you Orbit♥


Our Orbits who are with LOONA for a new start ♥!

A sincere congratulations for signing up for Orbit 3.0! Waaaa♥

Moving forward, let’s make lots and lots of happy and special moments together with LOONA~♥

I'm always thrilled and overwhelmed, getting to spend every moment with Orbit. ♥ Orbits feel the same way, right?? I’ll make you even more happy~ thank you for being our new family ♥ Let’s make lots of good memories this year~ Orbit I love you ♥♥

Welcome~ Orbit 3.0⭐


Hello! Orbit! It’s Vivi~

Welcome~ Orbit 3.0 ♥

I feel good just thinking about spending 2021 with you

It feels like I’ve got someone you can be with no matter what you do.

Spending last year with Orbits too

We shared happiness, sadness, all emotions together,

So the happiness was doubled and the sadness wasn’t as bad ha

So I hope we have a fun 2021 together too!

Because you came to our side, it’s so warm, and I thank you!

See you soon I love you~ Orbit♥

Kim Lip

Hi Orbit it’s Kim Lip :)

Thank you so much for being Orbit 3.0 with us.

Thank you so much to new Orbits whom we’ll meet, and Orbits who’ve always been by our side, it’s great to see all of you ♥

I wonder what memories we’ll make this time,

I’m so excited, and I’m looking forward to it!

Let’s make fun and unforgettable memories together ♥

Beloved Orbit who have been my center,

I’m always thankful and even today I miss you lots, I love you ♥


To our “3rd” Orbitdoongies~♥

Hello this is JinSSOUL :)

Being able to be with Orbits for another year this year is such an honor, and I’m happy heheh

I really like the number 3, you know ♥

So I’d like for us to fill this one year with even more precious and memorable memories!

Orbits, you’re thinking the same thing, right?

I hope a more healthy world comes soon so we can see each other face to face hehehe

Stay well until that day!! Bai!!


Orbit~!! Tada♥ Choerry is here!! 🍒🦇

Orbit 3.0 kit has arrived! Congrats so so much! 🎉

Do you like the photos? Hehe this kit was really pretty!

You!! I’m very jealous of ♥

Always cheering by our side! And loving us, our Orbits, I care about you a lot!!♥

And I’m soo~ thankful!

Moving forward, let’s live healthily and happily with me, Choerry, for 1000, 10000 years haha

In 2021 we’ll show you even more cool sides of ourselves~ Look forward to that! I miss you Orbit T^T ♥ Lahve you ♥


Everyone in Orbit 3.0!! Welcome

I’m Yves 🍎 I’m so happy and thankful that you’ll walk the same orbit with us. Though these days we have much fewer opportunities to see you face to face while giving and receiving authentic emotions, I promise to impart our feelings to Orbit 3.0 with even more sincerity in every moment♥

If Orbits can receive joy on each of those occasions, I think I’ll be so, so happy!

And so that you'll never regret coming with us, we’ll continue to do lots of great things so you can be proud, so please continue staying with us ♥ I love you Orbit 3.0 🍎


To Orbit ♥ so nice to see you :)

Hi Orbit this is Chuu it’s nice to see you and to be able to build such a precious relationship, I feel thankful ♥

Because me and Orbits’ meeting was really meant to be!

Since we met in such a fated encounter, let’s make our relationship thicker, deeper, happier

Thank you for jumping into our world

I shall serve you, who so willingly jumped in, with all my heart forever ♥

Let’s be together♥♥♥ Thank you for believing in us!

Go Won

Welcome everyone in Orbit 3.0 - ⭐

It’s already at 3.0..!

Our Orbits are growing so much everyday 😆

You’ve all been through a lot in that time,

And I hope that this year is full of only even more joyful things!

I’ll raise the corners of your lips 😆

I’m always so thankful! I love you Orbit ♥

Promise to keep thinking about each other everyday ♥

- From Go Won -

Olivia Hye

Hello Orbit 3.0 :)

This is Olivia Hye, nice to see you

I’m really happy that we will get to spend 2021 together

I will love Orbits more intensely so that you can have

a more happy year while you are with us^-^

Trust us and follow us Orbit! We’re family from now on..♥

Happy new year, and I miss you



Alex Goh
Alex Goh
Jun 19, 2021

thanks for the translation !!


Alex Goh
Alex Goh
Jun 19, 2021


Thanks for translating!

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