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[Orbit App] Welcome to Orbit 1.0 (181212)


Hello Orbits! It's Heejin :)

Our Orbits ~ Firstly thank you so much for signing up for Orbit 1.0 ~!

By now I feel like I'm used to the name "Orbit" enough that it's not awkward, and we feel that much closer to each other

Don't you think so ??

As Orbit is now starting from 1.0,

I wish we will become even more intimate and close ❤️

I miss you so much, but during the time we cannot meet Orbits,

I will be looking forward to the day we meet again in even cooler form

and this Heejin will be practicing hard!

Euah ! I want to hurry up and prepare and go meet Orbits

and there are so many thigs I want to do together, seriously...

My Orbits, whom I miss so so much, the name I want to call many many times!

My Orbits, helping Loona shine so bright always,

even your name is so pretty.

Let's shine together as Loona and Orbit ! ❤️

I love you and thank you and miss you !!! 😭❤️



Orbits hello~ It's Hyunjin!!

Firstly congratulations on joining Orbit 1.0 and thank you so much!! >_<

All that's left is for us to build happy memories together~

May we all build happy memories together, fighting~~!!!! ♡

During the time since the project began while each of our members were revealed,

and until we met you as twelve girls - thank you for waiting!!

Going forward there will be even more diverse and cool and beautiful performances to come

so please look forward to them, and also for our chemistry that we'll show you in units of new combinations ♡

We will work hard to show up well

and we'll show you continuing improvement!

Always be healthy, and let's meet often,

make lots of good memories, and let's see each other for a long time~!!

Don't be hurt and be careful not to catch a cold!!!!

2019 is approaching already☆♡

Take good care of me in 2019 too Orbits ♡

Orbits are the best!! I love you~❤️



Hello. It's Haseul of Loona!

The official fanclub of Loona!!

Thank you so much for joining Orbit 1.0!!❤️

From the first girl Heejin to the full group of Loona

it feels like it took such a long time!

But thanks to Orbits who waited with us and encouraged us throughout that time

we were able to find strength and sing!

I still cannot believe

that we now have this official fanclub 'Orbit'!!

Until just a few months ago, I was begging to be able to call our fans by a nickname ㅎㅎ

I'm so happy that

I'm able to call you by the name 'Orbits' this soon!!!! ㅎㅎ

It will soon be 2019!

Let's all be healthy and happy in 2019 too ㅎㅎ

I'm gaining energy from the letters and love that Orbits have been sending me!!

We'll also stay by your side always so that Orbits may get strength from us!!

We'll fill up Orbits' hearts full of good music!!

Our every moment is a new beginning together, so you'll keep giving us energy like pow pow right?!ㅎㅎ

We'll also give you that pow pow! Energy!!❤️

I love you, Orbits️☺️



Hello!!! It's Yeojin, the cutie maknae of Loona!

Thank you so much for joining 'Orbit', the first edition of the Loona fanclub!!🎶

Congratulations, congratulations, a heartfelt congratulations for joining Orbit 1.0🎵

Meeting with Orbits as a member of Loona,

I've received many comforting words and lots of love and encouragement

To have Orbits always encouraging me from behind

it's given me so much strength.

Thank you so much Orbits❤️❤️❤️❤️

I think it's truly a blessing to have met Orbits

I still vividly remember the first time I met you at my fansign.

Thank you so much that even now, after time has passed, you continue to believe in us and approach us with hearts filled with love

I could say it a hundred times and it would still not be enough, but I really love you Orbits❤️❤️❤️

Recently the weather has become really coldㅠㅠ

Our Orbits can't get sick and must be healthy, of course you know that right???

When you hurt I hurt too, so don't ever hurtㅠㅠ

My Orbits, giving me strength just by being there!

I'm here because you exist!

Let's be together forever❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for staying by Loona.

Orbits, I love you❤💛💚💙💜



Hello it's Vivi of Loona❤

Welcome Orbittie🌟 Nice to meet youㅎㅎ

Thank you so much for being Orbit 1.0 and I'm full of joy

I guess 1.0 are our first love

Because our relationship is just starting 💕

The world of Loona🌙 how is it!?

Doesn't it sparkle? Because Orbits are with us together!!

I am experiencing so many fresh and fun things

in the world of Loona!!

I hope to share this feeling with Orbits too ><

We debuted as twelve Girls of the Month and started first promotions on August 19, 2018, and it was an unforgettable memory getting to meet Orbits and being encouraged

When I think back to that I still get flutteryㅎㅎ

I'm sure Orbits feel the same💗

I will give you love, so that we can meet more often, become closer together, give you strength!

I'll be with you every day by day, so let's learn more about each other little by little.

I will continue to work hard and show you good appearances

Thank you for letting us meet, Orbits and us❤

I love you, everyone 💋💋💋


[Kim Lip]

Hello my precious Orbits🌟 It's Kim Lip!

I would like to give a warm welcome to our first Orbit 1.0 members to join Loona😆💕

I, Lippie, and the Loona members are thinking of you every day, having fun in practice and reminiscing over our memories, and waiting expectantly for the day we'll meet again!!

On that day we meet again, we'll appear to you in even more improved form!

It's colder nowadays so I'm worried if you are getting sickㅠㅠ

You must not get sick and stay healthy!!

We will also be sure to not get sick, and not cry because we miss Orbits

and be strong and cool as we wait here ~_~

When the name Orbit was first created

The name Orbit?! seemed surprising and awkward at times, but now that time's passed I've become comfortable calling Orbits😊

I hope there will be many days to come when I can call the pretty name of Orbit❤️

So let's see each other lots and talk often :-)

I normally get embarrassed easily,,

and get even more embarrassed when my Orbits adore me,,

I don't know why, but I guess when someone you like compliments you and stuff, you get more embarrassed and stuff,,

I can't really express it directly but!

When you adore me I actually really like it hegh,,

But if you talk to me about this in person I'll be... like... you know right?..

I will become a Kim Lip who keeps improving🙈

So please keep adoring me😚

Just as much as Orbits adore us!

I and Loona will adore our beautiful Orbits lots!

Thanks to our Orbits, who are always watching us from the closest place and encouraging us, Loona continues to get better!

Thanks to you, we've received this unbelievably big award so soon after debut, and I'm so honored and grateful♡♡

I think these moments from 2018 together with Orbits are going to be unforgettable moments :-)♡

Thank you so much each time, and please keep being Loona's first❤️

Let's promise to finish each day with thoughts of each other😉

I'm going to go to bed tonight thinking of Orbits again! Thank you and love you always, Orbits!



Hello! It's Jinsoul🐟

Everyone who's joining us as Orbit 1.0, welcome!!

Whenever I write these letters, it's such a precious opportunity because I get to express even a small amount of the thankfulness and lurve💕 for Orbits that I haven't gotten to show heh heh💙

Always I am thinking of Orbits!

I'm living busy days polishing my craft to be able to show you an even better myself keke 👍

Time really flies😣

Orbits, you know you can't forget me right? 😈

Until the day we meet again, don't be sick or get hurt and make sure to stay well! Got it?

If you stay well and wait! Then I'll be sure to come back even prettier and cooler and better than you expect, to make up for the time ☺ (Ahjwa let's work hard Jung Jinsoul kekekeke)

I've gotten so much strength from Orbits while promoting with Loona!

In reality I'm inadequate and have a hard time in so many ways, but thank you so much for having faith in us to the end and rooting for us.

I think we've only been able to do well so far because of the strength you've given us!

Thank you so much for loving us girls, loving me even though I'm really nothing 💙

Going forward we'll work hard to become artists who can give strength to Orbits in return!

Orbits! Let's be together till the end!

I love you and cherish you💙💘 See you soon!



Hellow!! It's Choerry, the 8th member of Loona who wants to be a human cherry💕🍒

Thank you so much for joining Orbit 1.0😭

I've been able to find such fulfillment every day thanks to beloved Orbits who have encouraged us all the way back from Heejin unnie's solo😚

We're so haMpy and joyful that you give us so much attention and love😘

As much love and warm heat and attention you've given us, Loona will also show you even better and cooler appearances, so please look forward to itㅎㅎ

We'll continue to visit you with many stylish tracks! So don't be downㅎ

You'll keep loving us this much when the next album comes out, right?😍

The weather's getting colder these days! Everyone must beware of catching a cold🦇🤧

We're soon approaching the time to listen to The Carol🎄🎁🌨

Right now... writing this letter, I miss my Orbits so much that my tears are filling up to the sky and covering the universeㅜㅜ I miss you so much💜

But I'll keep enduring so Orbits, please wait just a little bit😢

Now I'm going to go practice to upgrade myself more! Ppyong🌟



Hello Solely My Lights, my Orbits😗 It's Yves ❤

I'm so happy right now to have another opportunity to write to Orbits😍

Let's meet more often through this app!

First there's something I wanted to say the most!

Thank you so so much for being Orbits who are Loona's other half🙏

It's an amazing blessing that I am, and us Loona members are, able to join you in your time that is so precious😌

I think that the word "beginning" and its meaning are so beautiful and precious!

And for that reason, Orbit 1.0 members who are the beginning of Loona and beginning of Orbit! You are also so very beautiful and precious🌸

We pro~mise that we'll provide even more! more! joy and love so that this beginning will become even more meaningful!

As I write, I think back to when I first debuted🤔

I still haven't forgotten, and probably never will forget, my first fansign where you welcomed and adored me, this person who's so small and inadequate😢

Back when only my pictures and songs and music video had been revealed, you still gave me so much attention and love, and I want to say thank you with all of my heart🙈

And I always feel that I want to work harder, as you continue to show me that same beautiful kindness even today.

I love and want to excel in singing and dancing, and each and every day with Orbits who motivate me to love these things even more and do them even better, who become my muses, is so joyful and precious💜🌌🌝☄

Life can't always be full of happy things only, right?

And surely going forward, there will be things that exhaust me or make me sink down.

But I think I'll be able to overcome it all, when I think about Orbits who are rooting for me unseen🔥


When I read the letters that Orbits send me, I'm amazed that even my little expressions, motions, and words can comfort and strengthen you.

I'll show you an even better side of myself, so that my Orbits might all become more happy!😶

I will always be by your side as Yves, and as Loona, who can be a good influence on Orbits☄

In exchange, Orbits, promise to be my only lights🤙

I love you, today as always💋



Hello !! ♡ Orbit 1.0 members 😙 It's Chuuchuuchuuchuuchuuchuuchuu😗ㅎㅎ

Thank you so much for coming by our side as Orbits.

Thank you for always being by our side in our beginnings~😍😍😍

Whenever I listen to Hi High, I still vividly remember the cheering and fanchants that were there from our first performance to the last, so I'm proud and it's such a special and precious memory🙏💋

You love on and cherish every Loona member's actions, speech, expressions, every side and part of us, and we're thinking hard about how we can express and give back to that love ㅎㅎ😙😍😎

It'd be hard to express all of my heart for Orbits,

But! I promise that I will give back this gratitude in song and dance and all kinds of diverse ways 🤙🤙🤙

😀Each poetic sentence and word in the letters that Orbits send me have stayed with me so preciously, so I'm engraving them into my mind😌😌😌

This is just the beginning for us, and there will be a lot more to come and we'll shine even more, so wait just a little bit😉😙

The fact that you joined Orbit 1.0 is a promise that you'll stay~ with us from the beginning and onwards, so you have to stay ooooonnn as Orbits😍

We've made a promise to the heavens😗

We'll only walk on better paths going forward, and provide you only with joyful things😙

Lastly, thank you for being with us

Chuu likes you lots and lots😆 You know my heart right?♡

Take care not to catch a cold, dress warmly😙 Our Orbittles😙


[Go Won]

Hello it's GO! 1! Go Won!

My~ Orbits😙 A heartfelt welcome to 1.0!

Thank you for being with us for Loona's beginning❤

This is the real start, so let's make joyful and happy memories only!

Thank you for waiting for the splendid full group to come together and for always watching over us.

You know that we've only come this far thanks to your power, right?!?!?!

Truly, every time I heard you call each syllable of my name, every word of comfort, every cheer for a song, I was able to find energy.

I'll work hard to show you good appearances as much as Orbits love us ^^

Until the day we climb up into space like Hi High... peace⭐️

Hope we can really be Orbit out in space,, hehe

I'm so amazed that Orbit 1.0 has come to exist🤣

When I debuted I was amazed to see people who liked me, thinking like, how can I have fans...

But I was also disappointed that we didn't have our own nicknames and could only call you fans.

But now, we have the name Orbit...!

And Orbit 1.0s who will always be by our side...!!

It really feels like every moment is a dream😘

I'm so happy and my heart is pounding because it feels like I've become closer to Orbits❤️

I'm really happy that I've become Loona, that I can meet with Orbits!!

Let's stick close together, make lo~ots of good memories, see each other a lo~ong time, of~ten!!

Loona and Orbits must be together to become complete! Promise that we'll stay together and be happy forever!❤


[Olivia Hye]

Hello Orbits! It's Orbits' one and only Olivia Hye🐺

Thank you for waiting for me, the twelfth girl, for so long, and for believing in Loona and becoming an Orbit😍

I'm happy that our fans have the precious nickname "Orbit" now :) ❤❤

Your every word really strengthens me and motivates me.

I think of you before going to bed, and when I feel a little tired at practice!

I think to myself that there are Orbits out there who believe in me and are waiting for me, and that makes me feel encouraged again ㅎㅎ😁

I wish that I'm also in your daily routines, and can be strength for you at any time.

Sometimes I wonder, is this love I get from Orbits too much for someone like me?

Thank you so so much, for being with Loona on cold and hot and rainy days☺

And thank you for gifting me these days that are like miracles every day!

I'll work hard that you won't regret the time you spent with Loona!!!😊

Please look forward to the new sides I'll show you going forward too💖

I'll remember for ten years, a hundred years, this moment when Orbit 1.0 came into being.

Let's spend even more time and memories together! Thank you!😀



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