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[Orbit Japan] LOONA 2021 Christmas Handwritten Messages (211225)


Merry Christmas ORBITS ♡🎅

Please spend a warm Christmas with those you love, and Heejin~ ♡


Orbits! A fun Christmas has arrived!

Please enjoy happy times with the people you love~

I love you~!


Orbits! It’s already Christmas, isn’t it?

I hope this Christmas will be a warm and happy one.


Merry Christmas. It’s already the end of December.

I want you to leave behind the hard times and good times, and just enjoy Christmas 🐻

Happy Christmas Orbits ♡

My Christmas is Orbits.

Thank you for making my heart throb every day Orbits, I love you 🐻


Orbits~ My favourite Christmas is coming ♡

Please look at a sparkling tree and eat chicken like I will (lol)

Merry Christmas ♡3♡

Kim Lip:


I don’t understand why, but I get excited when it’s Christmas.

I like it even more if I’m together with Orbits on those kinds of days.

I hope it’ll be a day that sparkles like the city lights.


The end of 2021 is coming!

Orbits, please have a happy and warm end of the year.

Be sure to be healthy! Merry Christmas ♡


Merry Christmas~ ❄️

Orbits are my most precious Christmas present ♡3♡

It’s gotten cold, so be sure to wear warm clothing and be careful of catching a cold~

Merry Christmas ⛄️♡


Annyeong Orbits! Merry Christmas ♡

It might be because of my name, but Christmas now also feels like my birthday to me.

For this year’s Christmas, how about spending it at home safely and warmly with family? ♡

Your present will be me! Yves ♡


Wow~ Merry Christmas

When I was young, I would be really happy every year when Christmas came.

I think that Christmas, that I had spent with my family, has become warmer and bursting with love now that I have debuted and spending it with Orbits as well.

So if you feel bored, please enjoy a warm and peaceful Christmas with delicious food and watching Jiwoo’s Christmas videos.

I love you ♡

Go Won:

Orbits are my present from Santa!

Merry Christmas~! ♡

Let’s watch Christmas movies in warm clothes while drinking hot chocolate today!

Olivia Hye:

Merry Christmas~

Hope you have happy times with those you love, and have a warm winter.



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