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[Orbit Japan] Orbit Japan Fanclub Birthday Messages

These are the translations for the birthday messages sent to those who signed up for the Orbit Japan Fanclub.

Note that there are no images in this post as it against the terms of the fanclub.



ORBIT♡ It's Heejin!

Happy birthday! <3

Since today is ORBIT's day, eat delicious food, go have fun, ah! I hope it becomes a special time with your family ♡

Since today is a day of happiness!! >_<

Thank you for being born ♡

I love you ♡

Happy birthday ♡


Hello! It's Aeong and Hyunjin.

I heard it was Orbit's birthday.

Happy birthday.

I'm praying that today, and from now on, will be filled with lots of happy things!

Aeong loves Orbit the most in the world, I'm always thinking of Orbit!

When you're in difficult times or when you're tired, I want you to think of Aeong and do your best!

Aeong will think of Orbit and do her best too!

I love you, Orbit ♡


Orbit! Hello! It's Haseul!!

Thank you so much for always being next to me and supporting me

I am very happy!

I love you Orbit ♡_♡


Orbit~ Happy birthday from the bottom of my heart!

Since today is a special day for my beloved Orbit, I want today to be the day you shine most!

Eat lots of delicious things and have a fun day!

I, Yeojin congratulate Orbit's birthday from the bottom of my heart♡

I hope we can celebrate more birthdays together in the future!

I'll fill Orbit's everyday life with shining moments!

Finally, Happy birthday!

Yeojin loves you from the bottom of my heart♡

Happy Birthday, Orbit ♡..♡


Hello~ It's ViVi♡

By making this bond together, I'm very grateful and happy to be able to celebrate your birthday together~♡

Your birthday is the day I met my beloved family, It's the first day I saw a beautiful world so I think it's a pretty important day.

I think it's a day when you can love yourself more

I want to give as much happiness and love to Orbit as Orbit gives love to LOONA.

Today is your birthday, so do everything Orbit wants to do!

May all your birthday wishes come true

Really really really Happy Birthday!

Be healthy, I love you♡

I want to celebrate the birthday of my beloved Orbit ViVi♡

Kim Lip

Tada :) Hello!! It's Lip~♡♡

Really happy birthday to Orbit!

I'm supposed to look at your face and sing on your birthday...

I want to celebrate the next birthday in person

Orbit has always celebrated my birthday, so I'm really happy to be able to celebrate yours like this!

Thank you very much for always supporting and loving me and LOONA >_<

I will become a Lip that can make Orbit happy on a cooler stage and return your love!

happy birthday, I love you♡


Happy birthday to you~♩

Happy birthday to you~

Happy birthday Dear Orbit♡

Happy birthday to you♬♩

Today's your birthday!

Really really congratulations♡

I, JinSoul, am really happy to be celebrating our Orbit's birthday!

I wish today to be the happiest day in the world!

Because of Orbit my everyday is like it's my birthday~ hehe

Eat lots of delicious things!

Let's laugh a lot~

I love you♡♡


Hello! Orbit! It's Cherry♡

Happy Birthday!! (yay~~)

Since it's your birthday, eat lo~ts of delicious things!

Play to your heart's content and have a fun day!

More than anything, your health is number one!!

Be healthy from now on!

Stay together with LOONA!♡

Thank you for loving the girls~

I love you always. Happy birthday!


Hello, It's Yves!!!

Thank you for being born into this world on such a beautiful day ♡_♡

Isn't it because of you that we were able to meet?!

For your birthday this year, congratulations.

I hope I can celebrate with you from now on.

I will pray that today is a fun day and that you are happier than anyone else. ^_^

You might be getting used to it, but don't forget that I always think about and support you!!!

Rest well and be healthy

LOONA will have fun and deliver energy to you with a good stage!!!♡♡♡

Finally, I love you today too♡♡♡


Hello♡_♡It's Chuu!

Happy birthday~

In my heart I want a lot of good things to happen to good people in good weather, even if you get tired today please be healthy!

Eat lots of delicious things and think of good things to be happy on your birthday=)♡

My beloved Orbit!

I'm always by Orbit's side, so Orbit have a good day today!

see ya, ton ton~!♡♡♡♡♡

Go Won

Hello, it's Gowon.

Our Orbit♡ Happy birthday!

I'm really happy to celebrate your day together with you.

Since today is a special day, eat delicious things and spend time with your loved ones.

Thank you for being with me on such a happy day.

It's because of Orbit that I'm always happy, so I hope that Orbit will be happy because of us too.

Happy birthday!♡

Olivia Hye

Hello, Orbit! It's Olivia Hye.

It's finally our beloved Orbit's birthday!

Happy birthday to Orbit!

I hope today is the day you are the happiest person.

I'd be happy if my celebration is a present to you!

I hope you will continue to be with me for my birthdays, and I can be there for Orbit's.

To my one and only important Orbit..


Happy birthday! Let's have a wonderful year together! We will be looking forward to seeing you! I hope you have a wonderful birthday today!



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