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[Queendom 2] Draw Queen's Life!

LOONA’s Queen Life Graph

<Queendom 2> Appearance Confirmation

Meeting Ceremony

Round 1 Performance Preparation

Round 1 Performance

Round 2 Performance Preparation

Round 2 Performance

Round 3 Performance Preparation

Round 3 Performance

Final Performance Preparation

Internal Thoughts During <Queendom 2> Appearance Confirmation

Go Won: While I felt glad, it was so sudden that I was also flustered. This is a competition… Scary. But it’ll be fun.

Kim Lip: Excited, but a little worried because it is a competition.

Vivi: Didn’t expect it and can’t believe it. Half excited, half nervous

Yeojin: We’re finally on <Queendom 2>... Worried :(

Olivia Hye: What? All of a sudden??

Yves: 😮!!! The sudden news of our casting after we finished our concert… I was surprised, but passion surged within me!

Jinsoul: It was so~ good to hear that we’re appearing, But upon thinking of the fact that we’d have to ‘compete’, my worries and fears grew,,,

Choerry: Seriously.. How on earth could this be..

Chuu: It’s finally time to show LOONA’s greatness! Let’s gooo >_<

Haseul: A somewhat ambiguous feeling..? Us, on <Queendom 2>..?! Really?!!

Hyunjin: Nervous, anticipating

Heejin: Ah.. I’m doomed.. So scary.. Will I be able to do well..? I began to worry about all kinds of things.

Internal Thoughts During The Meeting Ceremony

Go Won: Looking forward to seeing which groups will appear. Excited + nervous!

Kim Lip: Heart pounding and nervous because I’m very shy

Vivi: The first filming is so fascinating, we’re really going on <Queendom 2> Finally knowing and meeting the other acts, it felt real, and nervousness went up

Yeojin: Nervous about the meeting ceremony.. We’ll be able to do well, right?

Olivia Hye: Since it’s the first meeting, let’s show who we are!

Yves: The place where we faced the queens for the first time! It was full of seniors and juniors who are so distinguished, it felt real for the first time..💧

Jinsoul: The excitement and nerves that this is really the start of <Queendom 2>!.. ♥︎

Choerry: Felt like half-excited, half-anticipating, half-nervous!

Chuu: Maybe because I was thinking that I’m not afraid no matter what teams we faced, I wasn’t very nervous.

Haseul: So nervous. Seniors and juniors we’re meeting for the first time… I really wanted to get closer to them, but it was difficult hah.. heh

Hyunjin: Nervous, anticipating 222

Heejin: After the meeting ceremony, I gained a strong desire to do well!! Overflowing with passion~

Internal Thoughts While Preparing for Round 1 Performance

Go Won: Hwaiting!!!!! It was so fun preparing for the performance, I think we might be #1.

Kim Lip: It feels like we might be #1, I feel so good.

Vivi: Preparing for a new concept, it’s fascinating and fun and exciting. Just imagining it, I get excited and nervous. The day of our first performance is finally coming. I’m curious and looking forward to how it’ll be~

Yeojin: -

Olivia Hye: We.. Might get first place..

Yves: I thought that we prepared more diligently than ever before but… Depressing times, when I kept thinking that the world was so cruel to us. Thanks to the fans and the members, I was able to muster up courage again♥︎

Jinsoul: Preparing for the performance and stage formations which we’re trying for the first time was so fun, full of anticipation that ‘If we do well, we can get 1st place?!’ :P

Choerry: Since it’s the first performance, Huge!! determination to show who LOONA is

Chuu: It’s finally time to show our greatness which we wanted, so it wasn’t very tiring when practicing :) Because we can do it

Haseul: I was certain that we’d perfectly win first place!!!!

Hyunjin: Determined, confident

Heejin: I was nervous since it was the first performance, but I had confidence because we prepared with high quality! Everyone come in~ come in~

Internal Thoughts During Round 1 Performance

Go Won: We were suddenly unable to participate and got 6th place… ㅠ_ㅠ

It’s such a shame, I was really sad. Only tears came out.

Kim Lip: Being unable to participate, just one day before the performance..

Vivi: OMG… An unimaginable situation happened and I was shocked and scared and anxious. I was so sad, it was such a shame that we all tested positive and couldn’t appear ㅠ ㅠ… Why!? Please…

Yeojin: Corona… So sad. We really prepared diligently, but this happened in the end.. So sad..

Olivia Hye: ^_^.. Such a shame, frustrated.

Yves: The round 1 performance, obtained through Taeyeon sunbaenim’s suggestion and the other teams’ generosity! Even though it’s a pity that we cannot receive points, we were able to perform, and I remember being happy just through singing and dancing!

Jinsoul: We were unable to participate in the performance… So upsetting ㅜ_ㅜ

Choerry: Ha.. Why!! would this ordeal happen to us.. T^T

Chuu: When we became unable to participate in Round 1 in the end, I was a little bit in despair… ㅠ ㅠ

Haseul: Round 1 performance… We were unable to go on site, and unfortunately unable to participate.

Hyunjin: I was so sad and depressed and annoyed that we were unable to participate in the Round 1 performance.

Heejin: COVID-19… We were unable to get on stage. Feels like the world is falling apart… Ha,,

Internal Thoughts While Preparing for Round 2 Performance

Go Won: Felt like we were starting in 6th place, so it was burdensome It was enjoyable but we have to do better.

Kim Lip: I was worried and anxious that some other bad thing might happen

Vivi: Preparing for Round 2, while full of regret from Round 1~ Even more nervous and worried since we couldn’t get scores from or participate in Round 1… Round 2 and Round 1 recordings were on two consecutive days, so I was more frenzied. Hoping for a better result for Round 1!! Happy and fun that we swapped songs with Hyolyn unnie♥︎

Yeojin: So glad to be able to perform Hyolyn unnie’s ‘Shake it’! Wanna do it as soon as possible!

Olivia Hye: Let’s grit our teeth and show our cool performance for Round 2

Yves: ✨We sharpened our knives and prepared with hardened mentality after experiencing the sadness of Round 1… But I was fascinated to discover myself genuinely enjoying it! ✨

Jinsoul: Should I say, the burdensome feeling and nervousness of feeling we have to do even! better! Since we couldn’t participate in the Round 1 performance…

Choerry: Cheering each other on among the members, saying “Let’s cheer up again and do well”!!

Chuu: I really like and have confidence in concepts like that in the Round 2 performance.

Haseul: I didn’t feel good about the fact that we were in 6th place for the Round 1 performance, but let’s still hwaiting towards Round 2..!!

Hyunjin: Willpower ↑

Heejin: LOONA wouldn’t lose our spirit like that!! But it’s a concept I’m trying for the first time, so I didn’t know what to do… It was hard T^T

Internal Thoughts During Round 2 Performance

Go Won: Hyolyn sunbaenim won 1st place with our ‘So What’ and we were 2nd place with ‘Shake it’. To sunbaenim and the people who voted for us, thank you and I love you♥︎

Kim Lip: I felt happier, doing a cool performance and having a good reception ^___^

Vivi: It was the first time performing in front of fans and feeling the competition atmosphere so my heart was pounding!! Nervous but fighting!! Happy with the good results♥︎

Yeojin: I was so happy the results were good. ‘Shake it’ is the best♥︎

Olivia Hye: 2nd place!! This was our first time trying out the concept and I was happy people liked it

Yves: I was able to learn how to connect with the crowd and enjoy the stage… I remember being thankful and so happy,,

Jinsoul: No prop issues!! It was a really fun and entertaining performance♥︎ Hyolyn unnie and we both got 1st and 2nd place! 👍 + it was an honour watching Hyolyn unnie cover ‘So What’ awesomely♥︎

Choerry: I was worried with concerns of needing to do better but it was fun♥︎

Chuu: I was confident in our team’s performance more than anyone else. It’s getting interesting!

Haseul: Round 2, 2nd place T T I feel really good but don’t get too excited and let’s do our best for round 3!

Hyunjin: Anxious, excited

Heejin: A lot more people enjoyed it than I expected and the reactions were so x99 nice! Got through the hardship and felt accomplished in LOONA’s work!

Internal Thoughts While Preparing for Round 3 Performance

Go Won: It’s a shame with Round 1 results but it was nice being able to perform for fans with the Fantastic performance.

Kim Lip: It was a bit tiring having to prepare along with unit performances.

Vivi: I’m curious how to explain Round 3, hope it’s a stage fans like ><

Yeojin: -

Olivia Hye: As much as it’s a cherished song, it’s that much burdensome.

Yves: While preparing for a performance solely for our fans, I was able to feel thankful and the importance of their existence..♥︎ Thinking about all the hard times during practice made us tear up but it was also a motivation!

Jinsoul: I felt like I got closer with sunbaenim and hoobaenim so that was nice..! ♥︎ I was excited preparing with new units and our cherished ‘Butterfly’!

Choerry: Thoughts on what performances should we create now, and the want to create a perfect stage for a cherished song

Chuu: Since it was a stage for fans, it wasn’t tiring at all. Just a little nervous…

Haseul: Preparing for unit and the group performance was more tiring than I thought… kek But it was still fun!

Hyunjin: Tiring

Heejin: I wasn’t able to do a song due to missing Round 1 and lack of points. Why do we always go through trials… and hardships..!!!

Internal Thoughts During Round 3 Performance

Go Won: I was really happy being able to perform a stage for the fans. Was also proud of the vocal unit, dance unit members doing so well♥︎

Kim Lip: Dance unit won 1st. I was happy to be able to show fans a meaningful stage.

Vivi: Overwhelming, imposing, and conflicting emotions. It was a bit of a shame but a precious performance!!

Yeojin: I was happy to be able to perform something that Orbits like!

Olivia Hye: It was a performance where we shared emotions with fans

Yves: It was a moment where the anxiousness of challenging a new genre turned into earnestness and got to show who we were.. Growing from each performance is true.. I felt it♥︎

Jinsoul: It felt great doing a happy performance with friends from Kep1er! It felt like I was able to gift Orbits a present-like performance for the second round, so I was happy♥︎

Choerry: It was a performance where I could feel the members’ growth

Chuu: The song was a success and I enjoyed it and had fun. I feel good since we finished off LOONA’s performance as well :) ♥︎ We love Orbits.

Haseul: Round 3 performance! It was a stage I really wanted to show the fans, so I felt proud and teared up.

Hyunjin: Meeting the fans, excited♥︎

Heejin: Explosive reactions to ‘Tell Me Now’! I think you can pick it as one of the best performances from <Queendom2>. I was also happy being able to create a touching stage with ‘Butterfly’

Internal Thoughts While Preparing for Final Performance

Go Won: It’s already the final performance…! With big points on the line, I want to do even better. Let’s go!!!

Kim Lip: Finally at the final performance. Let’s prepare our best!! LOONA fighting♡_♡

Vivi: It felt short and long but it’s already the finals… Want to show off a different performance for the last stage so preparing for that

Yeojin: It’s finally finals! We’ll do well, right? I hope we get good results:)

Olivia Hye: Since it’s the last, let’s enjoy it with no regrets!

Yves: It feels surreal that it’s over Like instructor Monika said, I’m going to give it my all as if it’s the last performance of my life! LOONA fighting! Yves fighting♥︎

Jinsoul: We’re finally preparing for the final performance.. It feels bittersweet. Since it’s the end! I hope it’s a strong performance, fighting💪

Choerry: Since this is the end, my head is filled with thoughts on wanting to show you everything!!

Chuu: Concerns and excitement. Heart is pounding just thinking about the upcoming performance.. You’ve never seen choreography as strong as this!

Haseul: Last Final!! Let’s win 1st!! Hwaiting!

Hyunjin: Determination 10000%, Confidence ↑ Self-esteem ↑

Heejin: Let’s keep momentum going for the finals!!!



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