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[News] Rescheduled "LUMINOUS" Release Commemorative In-Person Event Details Announced (230209)

The rescheduled details for the LUMINOUS release commemorative in-person event have been decided.

We have also sent an email to the event lottery winners regarding the rescheduled event's details.

The event's date and venue location have been changed, so please be sure to check the details in the email before attending the event.

We again deeply apologize for causing worry and trouble in our taking so long to announce the details of the rescheduled event, as well as the change in the event date.

The LOONA members and all the staff earnestly wait for the event lottery winners' attendance.

[Rescheduled event date]

March 4th, 2023 (Saturday)

[Rescheduled event venue]

Sunshine City Exhibition Hall D-2, 3, 4




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