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[News] 「SICK LOVE Performed by LOONA ODD EYE CIRCLE⁺」 decided as ending theme song for JP drama

New song by LOONA decided as ending theme song for MBS/TBS drama 「生き残った6人によると」

(Original: TheF1rstTimes)

■ New song 「SICK LOVE Performed by LOONA ODD EYE CIRCLE⁺」 will become the drama’s ending theme song!

It has been decided that the ending theme song to MBS/TBS dramaism 「生き残った6人によると」(What Six Survivors Told) will be Korean 12-member girl group LOONA’s new song 「SICK LOVE Performed by LOONA ODD EYE CIRCLE⁺」.

For this song, LOONA’s subunit LOONA ODD EYE CIRCLE (Kim Lip, Jinsoul, Choerry) and one other member will be participating, with that additional member currently not yet revealed to the public.

The drama is scheduled to begin on August 9th, broadcasting on MBS every Tuesday at 24:59 and on TBS every Tuesday at 25:28. The cross between a zombie pandemic and share house love story is a live-action drama based on the Yamamoto Kazune comic 「生き残った6人によると」(currently published by KADOKAWA), which is currently popular amongst youth. It will be available to be viewed on demand on Hulu, and available as a post-broadcast webcast on TVer, MBS Dizm and GAYO!

LOONA will be having their first world tour 『2022 LOONA 1st WORLD TOUR [LOONATHEWORLD]』 since their Korean debut, with the first stop in Los Angeles on August 1st. Tickets for 9 American cities, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago, have already been sold out, and additional performances at 4 other cities, such as Atlanta and Dallas, were quickly added.

Their 2nd Japanese single 「LUMINOUS」 will be released on September 28th, and their first Japanese single-artist concert 『LOONA 1st Live “LOONATHEWORLD in TOKYO”』 will be held at Tokyo Garden Theater on October 1st.

T/N: Dramaism is the term used for the late-night drama broadcasting slot on MBS’s daily schedule.

Comment by LOONA

(Original: MBS Official Twitter)

The song SICK LOVE is a song with a catchy melody that won’t leave your head once you’ve heard it. It expresses a bit of confidence - similar to being unable to hold back your feelings towards the person you like, and also thinking that the person is definitely your destined partner and that they definitely think the same - but also the cuteness of being unsure. Please make sure to listen to it a lot and sing it at karaoke!

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