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[News] Statement by Blockberry Creative on Allegations Against Its Artists (210223)


This is Blockberry Creative. The Company would like to expand on our position regarding the material being circulated online today (23rd) about Loona, a Company artist.

After encountering the initially circulated material about Loona, the Company worked to first clarify the facts of the matter to the best of our ability.

After assessing all circumstances and situations that an agency can confirm, not to mention an in-depth conversation with the member in question, we firmly express the below position.

The material on Loona currently online is clearly false information and malicious in nature.

We have thus decided that we can no longer condone the indiscriminate dissemination of falsehoods regarding Loona, and in order to protect our artist, we are preparing to file a lawsuit on the 24th for defamation by dissemination of false information, with the law firm Lee & Ko.

Additionally, as we are discovering malicious posts that qualify as defamation, disseminating baseless false information while mentioning our artist's real name, we will obtain evidence and respond strongly against the disseminators.

Further, we thank all who love Loona, and we promise that the Company will do our best to protect our artists.

We make a final request. Please refrain from speculative reporting based on unconfirmed assertions and the indiscriminate dissemination of online posts.

Thank you.



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