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[News] TenAsia: LOONA to Release Lead Single "365" (191012)

Loona has surprise-teased the release of lead single "365".

On the 10th, their agency, Blockberry Creative, revealed a cover image including the artwork for lead single "365" through Loona's official social media accounts.

"365" is a fan song, containing the message that Loona will shine on fans who have waited for Loona for a long time, like the moon that shines 365 days. It is set to be performed for the first time at "Premier Greeting - Meet & Up", a venue for a special meeting between Loona and fans.

Loona's "365" is the group's first release in 9 months, following February's repackage album X X. The song is garnering much attention as it appears that it will satisfy the expectations of fans who have longed for them, like the meaning embodied in "365".

One can encounter Loona's authentic emotions through "365", and as the group is expected to show off diverse looks towards fans worldwide starting with "365", it appears that Loona is starting to heat up comeback preparations in earnest.

Loona's "Premier Greeting - Meet & Up" will be held across two performances on the 14th at the Yes24 Live Hall in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, as the group prepares to meet fans worldwide.

Loona's "365" will be released through music sites on the 13th at 6pm.



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